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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Happy New Month Sponsors, Patrons and Friends!

We come bearing good news and we are so excited to share with you an interview of Our Founder, Rev. (Mrs.) Christiana Bamidele George talking about the work of Little Saints Orphanage. We hope you enjoy it and learn a few things about what we do.

Happy Easter to all Sponsors, Patrons and Friends! We didn't get the chance to tell you in April but we choose to still say Happy Easter.

The True Meaning of Easter (Christ died to save our lives)

This Easter holiday was truly a reminder of the reason we all have eternal life and enjoy the sonship of God. As many times as the mainstream media feels the need to make us believe it is about the Easter Bunny and painting easter eggs, let us always remind ourselves what it is REALLY about; the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross to free us from every kind of bondage including every kind of vice that once held us back.

Would You Like To Be A Guardian?

There is an interesting development in the Child Welfare system in Lagos. There is a new option called “Guardianship”. It is a heightened level of responsibility and care for children who cannot be adopted as yet.

The child is placed with a family while remaining under the security of the State. With adoption, the child severs all ties with the birth family but in guardianship the legal parenthood of the child does not change. The key benefit is that for all intents and purposes, the children under guardianship have a family setting that is permanent.

The Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development does not allow adoption for certain children because they may have living relatives who may not be able to take care of them for one reason or the other. Guardianship solves the problem of adoption with these children. The new guardianship procedure recognizes that young children should be allowed to have a new family while they safeguard the links to their birth family.

The first step to becoming a guardian is to write an application to the Ministry of Youth and Social Development. When you are approved you can approach an accredited orphanage or care home to be matched with any child who is available for guardianship, but not adoption. Both the State and the Orphanage remain able to monitor the relationship to ensure the child is being treated with utmost care.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian to a Little Saint, please contact Mrs. Victoria Umekwe on 09090841726 for more information.

It’s “Back To School” Season For The Kids!

The Easter term has started and as our Little Saints are going back to school we use this opportunity to specially thank you our loving sponsors for the abundance of generosity shown to us by your continued educational sponsorships for our Little Saints. You have other responsibilities, but you always choose to prioritize your commitment to us.

We say thank you! May your cup never run dry and may all your needs be met according to the riches of God’s glory as Philippians 4:19 promises.

We are sure things will be restored shortly for anyone experiencing a downturn. Please be assured it is only temporary. We trust Our God to reward you for the things you do in secret.

Little Saints Rising Stars – Secondary School Edition

This newsletter we will be celebrating the two brightest students in Secondary School, Abike Dabira in SS3 and Nathaniel Ben in JSS3. Both of them have excelled above and beyond their peers and we believe this is worthy to be acknowledged. Say a hearty congratulations to them in the comments!

Corporate Sponsorships At The Youth Sponsorship Network

Are you a business owner or in a senior management staff at the company where you work? If yes, this video is for you!

We would invite you to consider the YSN in your Corporate Sponsorships for the year. This is the first time we will be introducing the YSN to a wider range of sponsors outside young professionals and entrepreneurs.

The idea is that staff of your business or company can apply as a special group to sponsor the Little Saints or Safe Haven Kids while the company itself supports the Orphanage with whatever products, services or finances they can offer.

A partnership with the Youth Sponsorship Network would be an excellent Corporate Social Responsibility opportunity. As you know, Little Saints Orphanage has a track record of transparency and accountability so be rest assured this will be a favourable experience for your company. Contact us for more information.

#SponsorHighlight: The Dynamic Couple "The Anifowoshes"

This month we will be highlighting a couple who has been an amazing support to us for YEARS! They are foundational pillars of the vision and they are Trustees who were present at every milestone we celebrated. They have been so fantabulous in their work supporting the Founder.

This duo continues to be present to provide support, wisdom and help of all kinds whenever we call on them. They love this vision and we are so proud to be considered a special work for them. This duo is none other than the Anifowoshe power couple. God bless you abundantly!

Birthdays at Little Saints Orphanage

Last month we celebrated the birthdays of Mrs. Tayo Benson, the Music Director of Grace Light Band, an arm of Strong Tower Mission, the founding body of Little Saints Orphanage. She is also the Founder’s Daughter who has taken up the baton to champion the Vision of Little Saints Orphanage. Her birthday was blessed with a visit from The Female Professionals for Sanwo-olu Group, a delegation from the Lagos State Governor.

We also celebrated the birthday of Ruth and Esther Nnamdi, the first two babies to come into the Orphanage in 1994. How time flies! They are both actively involved in giving back to the Vision. Esther is a missionary serving in the Administrative Headquarters at Ilupeju while Ruth is a music minister with the Grace Light Band. We are so grateful for continuity of the legacy built by Reverend George. Here are some pictures below. Wish them a Happy Birthday in the comments and say a prayer for these wonderful ladies too! Many happy returns to Ruth, Esther and Tayo!

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Good Report E-Newsletter and we look forward to hearing from you with your own stories and ways we could pray and support you as well. We gather as a missionary family to pray each Wednesday and our sponsors, patrons or friends are always lifted up.

Also, please share in the comments what kind of stories you would like to read. And remember... next month on June 4th is our 29th Anniversary! So prepare for some truly interesting highlights in the next edition. Please Subscribe to the Newsletter if you want to get the next edition straight to your email!

Keep learning and keep growing family.

The YSN Team.

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