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The Youth Sponsorship Network program also includes the recently added Safe Haven for Children Project to extend Little Saints' reach to other kids in need who may not be orphans but require similar support and encouragement in pursuing their dreams. Safe Haven for Children is a rehabilitation and empowerment centre for street children in Ikorodu Ilejina town where Little Saints has begun engaging with the local community and authorities to build a project worthy of the children God is giving us in this area. We want to become a beacon of hope in this town by equipping street kids to become more than just charity recipients but change makers in society. The goal is to become a community outreach centre which trains children, provides meals and also creates a sense of childhood restored through opportunities to engage in sports and play at a safety conscious location. The project is open to children of all religions or affiliations as we see it as important to show the love of God in every circumstance and no matter what.

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