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Here's how we impact the next generation 

If you have always wanted to give back to society but have been constrained by your budget, Little Saints is offering an affordable way to give hope. The new sponsorship programs we created to include the younger generation in its mission to care for the orphaned children of Nigeria are a  wonderful to take part in social action.

The Youth Sponsor Program

  • For 26 years, the primary way of involving yourself in Little Saints was through sponsoring a child’s education through termly payments. We realize this may be a financial challenge for those who are in the early stages of their working life

  • This is why we have created the YSN which includes the unique strengths and benefits young people can bring to the Little Saints vision. The YSN is focused on supporting children, both orphans and street children financially and physically through small monthly donations coupled with opportunities to provide one on one support and mentorship. It’s a new model of sponsorship that recognizes the need for orphaned children to not only be cared for financially but to be supported in achieving their dreams.

The Inspire Series

  • This is an arm of the YSN focused on inviting individuals and organizations who are not yet affiliated with the Little Saints Family to partner with the Network to impart their skill set on the entire spectrum of children with ties to Little Saints

  • This includes talks, workshops, seminars and interactive sessions from professionals and entrepreneurs at the top of their field

The Youth Sponsor Network
  • Outside the mentorship program, youth sponsors can encourage each other through the YSN Telegram Group. The platform is used for sharing ideas, brainstorming topics for the Sponsor Speaker Series, networking and disseminating information quickly. Youth Sponsors can initiate group projects for their sponsored children. They can plan group visits to the children. They can also organize online panels for each other to learn about their field of specialty. 

  • There will also be zoom prayers to organize monthly fellowship where those interested will pray for the work of Little Saints

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