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Updated: Apr 4

Hello Patrons, Sponsors and Friends!

Welcome back to our monthly newsletter, Good Report where we give you updates on the children and their progress. This edition of Good Report will be titled “The Love Edition”.  It features practical ways that the Little Saints have been shown love throughout the years. The Little Saints say thank you to our amazing sponsors for all the ways you make us feel loved. They felt your love through:


The Houses They Have Received


The first way the Little Saints have been blessed with the gift of love is through the houses they have been given to live in. The Founders started the ministry by donating two houses for the children. The other six homes were donations from beloved donors who each approached the Orphanage being led by God to give.  


The newest addition to the care homes is the home in Agbara, Ogun state donated by a sponsor last year. Having a home is the first step in restoring family life for vulnerable children. This home will be used to house vulnerable boys.


We say thank you for never letting the Little Saints lack in the area of shelter. They’re comfortable in homes of their own because of you.



The Food They Have Been Given


The Little Saints have received so many food items and donations of beautiful birthday cakes every month.  


Our kindhearted donor Mrs. Adegbenro and many others like herself, ensure that they are cared for, with their material needs being met. For example, Mr. Timi George one of our long-term donors who provides bread for the Little Saints regularly, coordinated a visit with his work colleagues over Christmas. They donated many food items to ensure the children had all they needed to have a great Christmas.


Little Saints are so blessed with God’s love working through wonderful donors who always prioritize their needs even when they have their own families to feed. Even the Safe Haven for Children Kids have been given the benefit of a meal each time they come.  


We also welcome the new sponsors of the 5kfeedachild program who have committed monthly to pay a small sum to increase the number of meals available to the Little Saints and Street Kids at Safe Haven for Children.

We also recently received food donations from Julius Berger as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Their staff came personally to drop off the items and also had an interactive session with the Little Saints. Full bellies and hearts abound because of your love.

God continue to bless you and keep you for all you do. May you never lack in any way, because you have been part of giving as an affordable way to give hope.

The Parties That Have Been Thrown For Them


One of the favourite ways to show love to the Little Saints was by throwing them parties. Our sponsors organize parties at the care homes to bring joy and celebration to the Little Saints.


We’ve included some pictures from the Valentine's Day party held on February 17th which was organized by a kind sponsor Queen Bethia. The children know love is real because you our wonderful sponsors always include them in your celebration of special occasions. They are never left out; at every party, they have so much fun and get to enjoy a healthy childhood filled with memorable experiences. All because you take thought and are mindful of them on special celebrations like Christmas, Children’s Day and others.


We pray celebration never ceases for you because you choose to celebrate the Little Saints. We just can’t wait to celebrate with you on June 4th for our 30th anniversary in ministry.

The Faith And Relationship With God They Have Received


Another wonderful show of love that the Little Saints experience is the opportunity to grow their faith in God and build a personal relationship with Him through the Christian upbringing that they receive.


At Little Saints Orphanage, the children always have church on Sunday and they enjoy fellowship in the presence of God. They also enjoy the gift of intercession from the missionaries. Every single Wednesday, they gather together to pray for the Little Saints. The lives of the children are covered in prayer which disarms any obstacles to their growth. On the last Wednesday of every month, it is a time of praise and Thanksgiving unto God for preserving and protecting the Little Saints.


The Word says the prayers of a righteous man availeth much. The effects of these prayers may indeed be intangible but we are convinced that they are slowly transforming the lives of the children one step at a time.  We are grateful for a consistent Prayer Altar over the Little Saints because prayer is the greatest gift one can give. We know that you, our family of donors are always praying for them too. This is truly a Great blessing to them.

The Funding They Have Received


The gift of funding is a beautiful way the Little Saints have been shown love. Beyond the educational sponsorship for every child, which is only made possible by your generous giving, the Little Saints have received special funding to set up businesses or learn a skill.


An example of this is funding provided by The Society of Women in Tax to one of our Little Saints Alumni. Janet George received seed capital to start her business and it was unexpected but truly appreciated. We hope her enterprise will be a success. We are overwhelmed with the love and say thank you to our donor SWIT and the President of the Lagos Chapter for organizing the members’ visit and the donation to Janet’s business. We also had our dear donor, Mr. Danny Kioupouroglou who sponsored Elizabeth George, a talented Little Saints to pursue her passion for dance. She received funding to attend the School of Performing Arts of Nigeria and has now graduated. These two opportunities were life-changing for the Little Saints and they reflect the power of love in action.


This is our prayer for you our donors.


“Besides, God will give you his constantly overflowing kindness. Then, when you always have everything you need, you can do more and more good things.”

2 Corinthians 9:8 GW


We decree it is so in the name of Jesus. Amen!

Thank you for sharing your God-given resources to make the children’s future bright.

The Gift Of A Generator To Fulfil Their Dreams


The very special way that the Street Children at Safe Haven for Children have received love is the gift of power to fulfil their dreams. The Indomie Fan Club donated a brand new generator to Safe Haven at Ikorodu and this was a big step towards beginning classes for the children. Without power, only outdoor activities were possible, but we have now begun facilitating our courses for skills training in bag making and many more to come. We are still looking to bring on more facilitators to teach other skills but we are so grateful to God and our donors for the progress.


Thank you for being a part of our family and showing us love and care. We love you.


The Most Important Gift


None of this would have been possible without you our donors, whom we consider everyday heroes. You have made Little Saints Orphanages your charity of choice for decades and more. Arguably, the most powerful gift of all is the way you show love by maintaining this relationship and steadfast connection. The gift of consistent donors is truly a foundational principle in the Little Saints’ love story.  May God bless you in every way.


From the YSN Office


We look forward to your updates on how you spent the first quarter. You could also comment on your thoughts and suggestions on how to make the Newsletter more interactive.


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