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Welcome to the newest edition of Good Report, our Newsletter which gives you our sponsor family updates on what is going on behind the scenes at Little Saints Orphanages and Safe Haven for Children. We have a lot that happened since the last time we shared an update, so buckle your seatbelts and get ready for an interesting read.

Strong Tower Mission Celebrates 30 years


This October, the parent body of Little Saints Orphanages and Safe Haven for Children, known as Strong Tower Mission, celebrated a remarkable milestone of 30 years in ministry.


Strong Tower Mission commenced ministrations on 23 October 1993 with outreaches to widows and the less privileged.   Little Saints Orphanage, an arm of the Mission was registered as the first privately owned Orphanage, eight months later. Safe Haven for Children which is the newest addition to the Strong Tower Mission family started in 2022 to elevate street children with care, love and empowerment. It’s been a wonderful journey and no one can doubt the faithfulness of God preserving this great house for so many years amidst many storms. The ministry took time to celebrate on October 30th with all the missionaries and friends of the house, and it was indeed a glorious day.


The Little Saints and Some of the Missionaries at Beauty and Felicia's Graduation

Beauty And Felicia, The Newest Graduates In Town!

It’s time to celebrate the newest graduates in our big family, Beauty and Felicia George, who graduated from Crawford University this past November. Let’s take a moment to wish them well for an awesome achievement. Both of them have studied, and proved themselves ready to start the new chapter of life which is work and career. They have also finished their NYSC Orientation Camp and have left to their Primary Places of Assignment. We also especially congratulate Beauty George, who graduated with an excellent result in Business Administration with a 2:1. Felicia who is a graduate of Mass Communication has also done well.

Celebrating The Founder’s Birthday

Little Saints Orphanages started December celebrating the Founder Rev (Mrs.) Dele George who had her birthday on December 12. It was a day full of celebration as the ministry and friends of the house came together to celebrate her the next day during the Wednesday Fellowship. We take this opportunity to thank everyone of you who have been a part of the vision and supporting the work to ensure that the Little Saints are continually well taken care of. Lastly, we want to thank God for  His continued blessings over our Founder’s life for truly if the Lord does not watch over this house, then all the watchmen watch over it in vain, and if the Lord did not build the house, then all those who labour, labour in vain. Thank God for a new year with new challenges, new exploits and achievements.

Celebrating The Founder at Her Birthday Thanksgiving


Ikorodu Outreach for Widows and Street Children


In December, the Missionaries led by Rev. (Mrs.) Dele George went to share the Christmas love to Street Children and widows in Ikorodu. They reached out in love with food and food stuff for 100 widows and 100 street children. This is a practical show of the love of Christ during this Christmas season. The mission’s motto is service to God, charity to all with a mandate of bread for the stomach in one hand and bread for the Spirit in the other hand. It has always had a strong foundation in benevolence;  we believe that freely we have received and freely we must also give by distributing to those in need.


Thank you Patrons for your consistent support. ‘Giving is an affordable way to give hope.’  

Hope is rising because of your giving!

We also visited the prisons to spread hope and some much needed toiletries to the inmates. See pictures below.

Little Saints Orphanage Missionaries catering to the widows at the Ikorodu Outreach

Little Saints Orphanage Missionaries at the KiriKiri Correctional Service

Grace Light Band Wins Most Committed Department in 2023 

The Amiable Grace Light Band

The Grace Light Band has been recognized as the most committed Department in 2023 in our vineyard.  Their tenacity and resilience through out the year was recognized by the Founder over the Christmas holidays. Grace Light Band led by Mrs. Temitayo Benson is tasked with ministering in praise and worship in all our events. Their ministrations always usher us into a consciousness of the presence of God and they have been truly instrumental in raising funds for the Little Saints Orphanages through performances at external events.


Let’s take a moment to congratulate Minister Temitayo and the entire team of ministers for their commitment to the vision.

A picture with Our Founder Rev. (Mrs.) Dele George, Mr. Timi George and his colleagues

Patron Spotlight: Mr. Timi George


We take this opportunity to celebrate our patron Mr. Timi George, who has truly shown special consideration for our children, the Little Saints throughout the past year. He has been amazing at showing love and support, especially with ensuring that the children ate well.

He led a team of colleagues from his organization to visit the Orphanage over Christmas bearing wonderful gifts. Thank you so much Mr. Timi George, and all other sponsors who go above and beyond to ensure that the Little Saints have the best.


Our Annual Christmas Party


As is our custom every Christmas, Little Saints Orphanage had a Christmas party for all the children to celebrate the joy that has come to the world in the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. Here are beautiful pictures from the Christmas party held on 26 December 2023. I’m sure you can see the joy on the Little Saints’ face, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.


We also express gratitude to Mrs. Sheri Adegbenro who donated cakes throughout the year to commemorate the Little Saints’ birthdays each month. Pictured below are the cakes for those who had birthdays in December.

The December born Little Saints Pictured with the Wonderful Cakes Donated by Mrs. Sheri Adegbenro

Children with the Best Results


With every newsletter, we always spotlight the children who have performed excellently in their academics. It is important for you, our sponsors to have the assurance that every time you give towards school fees for the Little Saints, they show appreciation with excellent results and academic prowess.


We also want to say a “huge thank you” to every sponsor, who makes it possible for our children to attend the best schools in the area. Your labour of love will never be forgotten in times of need.


The best female student from last term was Shafat, who is in SS1. We also celebrate the best male students, Nathaniel Ben and Emmanuel both in SS1 who had excellent grades.  Let’s encourage these amazing students with a special call from their sponsors, to help them aim higher at excelling.


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Happy New Year 2024


Happy New Year to all sponsors, family members and well wishers of Little Saints Orphanages and Safe Haven for Children. Welcome to 2024 Your best year yet! We pray that God keep you, cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. We pray that He turns His gaze toward you and give you Peace! AMEN.

See you at the end of January for more updates. Happy New Year!

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