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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Special Combined Edition

Celebrating God's goodness as we ended the year!

Hello Patrons, Sponsors and Friends!

Welcome to the Good Report E-Newsletter! This Special Edition is to mark the multiple celebrations at Little Saints in the last three months of 2022.


Strong Tower Mission, the parent body over Little Saints Orphanage and Safe Haven for Children, marked 29 in October. It was a glorious celebration and we wanted to share the highlights with you in case you missed it.

We started the day with praising and thanking God for the faithfulness to keep us this long. Many never started their mission, some started their mission but left it undone but the Strong Tower Mission was started and is still growing strong 29 years later by the Grace of God.

We entered into His courts with praise on this wonderful occasion. We praised God exuberantly with songs and hymns of thanksgiving, we prayed in thanksgiving and we sat down to listen to the word.

The message of the day was given by our visionary Founder Rev. (Mrs.) Dele George and it was titled “The Power of Rhema.”

She shared three rhema she received over Strong Tower Mission and they were such powerful reminders of God’s goodness to this house, including you. She shared the story of receiving a rhema concerning the name. She asked for further explanation and she saw the verse in Proverbs 18 which says:

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are saved.

The testimonies of how this word has stood strong through many tests and trials abounded on that day.

She also talked about receiving an encouraging rhema that pushed her to take up the call despite the challenges that would come. The Lord told her that she had been given a double portion of grace and truly His word has not failed. That grace also abounds in your own lives as you connect with the word.

Lastly, she spoke about the rhema God gave to her concerning provision. She had read about George Müller who had started several orphanages in England. His story involved large leaps of faith and God’s last minute provision. However, the word He gave to our Founder is that the children would NEVER lack food. He also told her that one day, people would come to give her all she needed for the children’s upkeep without her ever having to leave her office! She encouraged us that these rhema are for ALL who are part of this family and she shared 3 keys to see all their benefits. Prayer, Praise and giving by Sowing Seeds!

We ended the service and started the PARTY!
The amazing Grace Light Band provided some amazing music as we danced and gave glory to God. We gave dance offerings to God and we enjoyed ourselves to the MAX!

TESTIMONIES: Strong Tower Mission Missionaries

As part of the 29 years' celebration, we got to hear some of the testimonies from the Strong Tower Mission missionaries who were there at the very beginning. What was so powerful for all of us who listened, was how many left more comfortable lives abroad and left their businesses to answer the call. They encouraged us to find purpose and do the rewarding work of partnering with God to fulfill His agenda. In particular, one of them shared that you are only truly satisfied when you are where God made you to be. She charged us all to find that place with God’s help. She said that, she stood on the word of Matthew 6:33 to seek God first and have all other things added. The fruit is truly evident in her life.

We also heard from the biological children of our founder about the impact that Strong Tower Mission has had. Temitayo, her second daughter, who is now back in Nigeria sang a beautiful duet with her daughter, Eliana. What an inspiration to see 3 generations of this family present at the celebration. Her other children and grandchildren were also part of the celebration wishing the Founder a Happy Anniversary.



One of our Little Saints Orphanage Alumni, Kemi recently graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Master's Degree in Sociology. Kemi is a rising star who was awarded a scholarship to pursue her Master's degree. She has blazed the academic trail since her days at Crawford University where she graduated with a First Class Degree in Business Administration. We are so proud of Kemi's amazing achievement of graduating with a Distinction from a world renowned University. Join us in celebrating with her.


We also celebrated a Little Saints Orphanage wedding on December 3rd! What a wonderful way to end the year. Little Saints Orphanage Alumnus, Praise said I do to his beautiful wife, Choice. It was a joy to share in their special day and we can't wait to return with some even better news in 9 months' time. But on a more serious note, if you would like to bless the new couple in any way please feel free to do so. We appreciate your love.


Our Founder's birthday was on December 12th and we all celebrated together on the 14th at our weekly Wednesday fellowship. We are so thankful to God for preserving her in good health and sound mind!

We gathered to praise God for adding another wondrous year to her life and for all the good things He has blessed her with this past year. There is so much to learn and admire watching the way she sacrificially serves and loves our children. Please join us to wish her a beautiful year ahead!


On behalf of the Trustees, Missionaries and Children at Little Saints, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We thank you for all your support and love throughout 2022 and we are looking forward to connecting with you more in this new year! May you and yours remain blessed in Jesus' name.

If you would like to visit the Little Saints we would love to have you. Call 08023044841 or email us to set up a visit.

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